Awesome Transmission Overview For Old Classic

Every nation has its pride and joy. It is unique to the world, both past and present. Germany has its Volkswagen which interestingly was inspired by one Adolf Hitler. But some years before that, God chose to gift the American people with a gentleman by the name of Henry Ford. He is known the world over and especially amongst motor enthusiasts as the inventor of the Model T. And of course, it was a Ford.

ford powerstroke transmission

And over the years, there have been many further model upgrades, from the Ford Capri, to the Mustang, and from this cool classic to the controversial latter day SUV burnouts. But most die-hard US car enthusiasts will stick to their old Ford trucks, thank you very much. This is a legend that will never die. Old cars and trucks could do with a ford powerstroke transmission installation. It has to be done by a motor mechanic who knows what he is doing.

And the truck will keep on going, on and on and on. It never needs to die. Before these enthusiasts leave you here, here’s a few overview features for you to go through so long. The powerstroke transmission installation has been engineered to last. It’s a heavy duty 4R100 job with a 7.3l engine capacity. And it has been designed to manage pretty tough conditions. And with this engine there is no such thing as ‘sloppy shifting’.

And get this. If you need it, if you want it, you can have your old Ford truck revitalized with a custom build. You’ll need to take the old lady in for this. Custom built or pre-built, each engine is one hundred percent dyno tested. And of course, its proudly USA made. Guys, enjoy the ride.