Keeping Your Cool With Super Umbrella

tractor umbrella

Better get your head down under that umbrella. It’s late and you dare not miss the bus. Imagine what that must have been like. With no independent means of transportation, you always had to duck and dive for cover from the hard rain that was falling. Otherwise, you would get really soaked. Now today, it is a lot different, and better too. You no longer need to think twice about getting from here to there when it doesn’t look like the rain is going to let up.

All you really need to do is slip behind the wheel of your car and off you go, carefree and confident. But not so fast. Well, you couldn’t because the roads would be really wet, and it’s dangerous to be driving at such speeds on wet, icy roads. No speed exists out in the fields. The farmer on his tractor, quite literally ploughing his way through mud. And of course, it had to be raining. This is a farmer who is hell-bent on getting his work done, no matter how hard it rains.

You’ll think this is crazy, almost suicidal, but no matter, the farmer is resilient and he’s keeping a cool head under his tractor umbrella. It is a larger than life spectacle, to be sure, but at least it’s helping. Of course, the farmer cannot be holding this giant brolly as well. His hands need to be on the steering wheel, and then there’s still the matter of the plough at the back of the tractor. An attachment holds the umbrella steady while the farmer ploughs on.

A big umbrella perfect for all other occasions too. Like going to a big ball game that’s not about to be called off, and there’s no proper shelter around.